The Relaunch

For those fans of 3rd Bass that are reading this, yes I’m finally updating the site a little bit. I am hoping to integrate the site so the forum and site are seamless.

Although in my opinion there will probably not be a full fledged 3rd Bass reunion in 2014, there is a glimmer of hope we may see a digitally re-mastered version of The Cactus Album dropping this year. On October 23rd of this year we will hit the 25 year mark for the album’s release.

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  1. I loved 3rd bass back in the day but have found a new appreciation for some of the songs that I didnt particularly care for before but now love.would love to see them going out on tour again.

  2. I just watched an interview on youtube from sway in the morning. Check it out.

  3. Check out the long-lost Woodstock 99 footage – in full!

  4. Will you reload the old forums? That was the gem of this site

  5. AmericaWhereAreYou ( youTube ) // June 20, 2015 at 10:02 am // Reply

    I just wanted to give thanks to many many years of pleasure I have had from The Derelicts of Dialect… The Cactus Cee/D. I still listen to them daily. You were a major factor in making a strictly Metal Head appreciate other cultures and music and opened my eyes to all the other music out there. Word to The 3rd!!!

  6. 3RD 3RD
    3RD BASE

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